Mision, vision & values


Magna Hotels and Resorts is committed to being the premier choice of hospitality by offering high standards of excellence in all our projects. Our number one priority is to deliver world class luxury service, exclusive facilities and innovation.

We seek to develop a team of talented individuals determined to enhance customer satisfaction”.


“To distinguish ourselves by continuing to develop exclusive and innovative projects and becoming one of the world’s elite attraction points by establishing a strong brand image and enhancing the warmth of authentic hospitality”.


Magna Hotels and Resorts focuses on four main elements and incorporates them into the company’s philosophy. These four elements are:

    • Quality and Luxury: We intend to provide maximum value for our products and services by ensuring luxury and high standards.
    • Our people: We value our employees and therefore we seek to train and inspire them to provide our guests with warmth and cordiality.
    • Transparency: We form a vital part of society and therefore aim on representing our activities and objectives clearly and honestly to all our shareholders.
    • The environment: It is our social responsibility to be an environmentally friendly establishment and commit to being so by participating in social responsibility programs.


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